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Healthy Youth, Healthy Communities


Our welcoming communities thrive through strong community partnerships and positive inter-generational relationships


OCP’s mission is to engage individuals and organizations in developing healthy environments and positive intergenerational relationships in the Vermont towns of Barnard, Bridgewater, Killington, Pomfret, Reading and Woodstock


To build relationships and bridges to increase community capacity by:
Focusing on young people as catalysts for change
Promoting healthy choices
Empowering youth and families
Supporting inter-generational communication
Increasing community connectedness
Engaging in inclusive and diverse collaborations

So why does OCP matter? According to community members, this organization:

Supports the youth in our community

Empowers students

Promotes mentoring

Keeps us focused on the fact that our kids need us to be mentors

Fosters community engagement

Helps develop inter-generational relationships

Encourages youth involvement and leadership

Gives us the tools to make smarter choices

Helps everyone in our community to feel valued

Brings diverse people together

Focuses on building relationships


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