OCP’s Mentor and Buddy Program

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Mentoring at a glance w bullets Nov 2013Introduction to Mentoring

OCP believes that every child needs positive and caring non-parent adults in their life to become thriving adults. Mentoring is a meaningful and effective way to impact young people and help put them on a trajectory towards success. Young people can often feel isolated, invisible, and without direction. A mentor is someone who lets a young person know that they matter. Our programs provide youth with the opportunity to foster a sense of personal worth and wellbeing. OCP believes that time spent with a young person is an investment in the future of our community. We should be working together to make sure that all youth feel valued, valuable, seen, and connected.


About OCP’s Mentor and Buddy Program

OCP’s Mentor and Buddy Programs have been matching mentors with WCSU students since 1999. 

  • We ask for a minimum of a one year commitment from all mentors
  • Matches meet for 1 or 1.5 hours a week only during the school year

Program Locations

W.E.S Buddy Program

Year Started: 2011

Mentee Age Range: 2nd-6th grade

Length of Visit: 1 hour, 1 time a week

Visit Timeframe: During regular school hours, (8am-2:40pm)

Campus Policies: Matches can stay on the school premises or visit local approved sites on foot

Activity Ideas: Have lunch together, play on the playground, sit down with a board game or cards in the library, draw in the art room, play basketball in the gym, walk to the public library


Barnard Buddy Program

Year Started: 2016

Mentee Age Range: 2nd-6th grade

Length of Visit: 1 hour, 1 time a week

Visit Timeframe: Regular school hours and after school from 3pm-4pm

Campus Policies: Stay within school campus which extends to the Barnard General Store, the Historical Society, library, Silver Lake picnic tables, and nature trails behind the school

Activity Ideas: Grab a hot coco at the general store, play on the playground, have a picnic lunch outside, learn a new card or board game together in the library

Other: If meeting during after school hours, sign the Buddy Sign Out/In notebook located in the main office. All Barnard Buddy matches will attend a monthly Community Outing on the last Friday of the month, 3:00pm-5:30pm. Mentors will pick up mentees at the school and transport them to the outing site. Pick up/drop off arrangements are made on a case by case basis involving parent input and permission.


WUMS/HS Mentoring Programs

Year Started: 1999

Mentee Age Range: 7th-12th grade

Length of Visit: 1.5 hours

Visit Timeframe: During regular school hours or after school hours

Campus Policies: Matches are allowed to leave the school campus and visit approved sites, transportation of the mentee is provided by the mentor

Activity Ideas: Walk around town together, have a chat at Mon Vert over hot coco, paint or draw at Artistree, play pickleball at the Woodstock Inn Athletic Center, play pool or Scrabble in the Woodstock Inn game room…just to start!


Become a Mentor! 

If you have an hour a week to spare, please consider spending time building a friendship with a child. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, follow the link to the mentor application below:

Follow this link to apply online to become a mentor!